Camil Adventure detailed fare information

Camil Adventure prices are made and adjusted by the organization to be able to offer expeditions in small groups. Progress, travelling and making an expedition with a small group provides extra comfort and many advantages, including the opportunity to offer off road expeditions in an "adventure" spirit. And as well it gives us the oportunity to meet more easily the locals and to discover as best as possible the crossed countries. That way we have the opportunity to offer tours where all participants has the chance to enjoy a real off road expedition.

The price includes the guidance during the expedition and the preparation of the expedition, our support to achieve all the necessary paperwork for each participants (excluding fees), all necessary visas (excluding fees). It also includes our support and advice in the preparation of the departure on key points such as: advice and help in vehicle preparation, advice in the preparation of all necessary equipment, medical advice, guidance and advise for the necessary insurance for you and your 4x4 through this type of activity.

The fare includes permanent support all the way through the off road adventure, at least one person and one vehicle of the organization will be at all time with you: a person with the necessary knowledge to guide you and to communicate with the locals in several languages, someone to repair and maintain your vehicle to a possible extent, to help you until specialized medical help arrives if the situation required it.

The price includes your departure and arrival from start to finish point, and a pleasant and memorable trip.

The basis rate for each expedition is per person, based on one vehicle with two participants.

The price does not include all other related costs as the list below, exhaustive but not limited to : visa fees, insurance fees, travel costs in any form whatsoever (fuel, hotel, ferries, tolls, backchich, meals, rapatriment...), maintenance and repair of the vehicle, charges for care, rescue costs, research costs if needed ...

For each expedition or off road travel where you will subscribe, after registration, a booklet will be provided, in which a part is dedicated to the estimated cost of the trip. These figures are estimates, but they are getting very close to the necessary funds for such a trip, however, they are only an estimation. If you want to know the estimation before you register it will be provided on request.

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