From Oulan-Batar to Valloire off-road exhibition / 10 June - 20 August 2019



The Great Silk Road is not only a 4wd adventure tour it is a real expedition from Oulan-Batar to Valloire.

Your mission : drive this famous road taken by so many adventurers and travellers,

and leave your footprint next those made by MARCO POLO.


Majestic deserts you could not even have thought of, a detour by vast mongolian desertic expanses,

mountains with stunning backgrounds and legendary cities as Samarkand, Boukhara and Osh, that will pull you

into the heart of this famous road's history.


You will discover :


The route of this thematic off road tour on the mythic Silk Road will make you discover a part of our history

throughout the natrural and cultural wealth of Central Asia. We will meet the descendants who make this road exist.


During the Silk Road expedition, within a small group, you will cross 10 countries, each with its unique and proper identity,

oddity, natural wealth and cultural particularity that will surprise you.


This is a journey of discovery, with some off road challenges, historical and natural attractions, some tourist appeals,

as well as a moment of pleasure and relaxation.



Lake Baikäl is a gift of pristine wilderness.

We will follow the bank of this unique lake to discover valleys where mother nature remain the Queen. Locals will welcome you with their unique Chamanique and Budhist culture.


A small gap from the famous Silk Road, it is too tempting not to enjoy this incredible country. A visit at the heart of Mongolia to discover the Gobi and the Altai. If lucky you could probably find some ancient dinosaur's trace or remains.


The Tian Shan meaning the Mountain of Heaven with landscapes considered ones of the most beautiful in the world. Meeting the descendants of this antique population devoted  to their traditions and honoring  their ancestral way of life, is an exciting and memorable experience.


Certainly a place to discover, with its dizzy mountains, barren plateaus and tracks with passes over 4500m. Pamir mountains are at the junction of Himalayas and it's to take your breathe away, the landscpaes of the high altitude are unique and will leave an undelible mark on you.



A legendary country where at times you can still smell the parfume of transported spices by caravans during the millenia. Legendary monuments and cities like Khiva, Boukhara and Samarkande will mark our path at the heart of this extraordinary country.


A majestic country where we will explore the Mangistaou region, a vaste desert with unique and exceptionnal sights. Definately a place to discover, but treading carefully if you want to venture into the heart of this desert well known for not always being convenient.

Dates / Pricing


Departure 2019: 10th of June from Oulan-Batar arrival on 20th of August at Valloire off road exhibition


72 days of the off-road tour, it's a 4wd expedition


DEADLINE REGISTRATION: 6 months before departure



  • 4100 euros per person


This price is given on the basis of one 4wd vehicle with 2 participants, that makes 8200 euros per crew


  • 2800 euros for transporting your vehicle in sealed container to Oulan-Batar (average price including all the services connected with transport)


  • 1500 euros for administration costs, authorisations, the ATA or CPD carnet (charge depending on vehicle value)
  • 700 euros of visa per person


  • The total of : 13900 euros for 72 days of expedition


Supplément for the under -18 :

700 euros


Other cases: contact us



The cost of such a trip should be anticipated, here you have a part of fixed costs. Prices are indicative.


  • Diesel

Off-road tour = +/- 1500 euros


  • Vehicle maintenance during the tour


Plan a full vehicle check up = +/- 200 euros


  • Insurance and repatriation expenses


We will guide you through these obligations and will propose you suitable and advantageous solutions.


  • Medical preparation


We will give you necessary advices.


  • Food, hotels and monuments visiting expenses

Plan a minimum budget of 1500 euros.


Global cost for 2 persons +/- 3200 euros for travel costs.



Many documents will be required, it will be necessary for you to have:


  • 1 valid passeport  (valid 6 months after your return date)
  • Valid international driving license and local obligatory permits
  • Visas for crossed countries according to your nationality (organisation proposes you to take care of visas)
  • Medical and repatriation insurances (often included within your banking insurance, check it with your banking adviser)
  • Vehicle insurance covering all crossed countries and off road practice (we have partners)
  • Travel insurance


You will find many other formalities within the travelling booklet you'll be given. Organization accompany you through all the administrative procedures, some of them to be realised by yourself, others to be prepared by your guide, and others by specialised agencies. An expedition like this, requires a longue and miticulous preparation, some conditions and insurance covers are required by your organizer.


Technical Informations



  • Departure is guaranteed for 11 vehicles enrolled on the basis of 2 participants per vehicle
  • A small group of 12 vehicles "participants" maximum
  • The duration of the journey does not include de connexion stages to/from the begginning of the off road tour
  • The most part of this off road tour is done within a group, but you'll have the possibility to progress by yourself or by two vehicles together, if you can hold a satelite connexion
  • This off road expedition is done mostly in bivouacs but other types of accomodation are provided during the tour
  • Tailored support by your guide to prepare this off road tour


All along this off road tour you will be accompanied and under assistance:

  • Of your guide Camil and his 4wd vehicle
  • Of a mecanic: reparation and maintenance of your vehicle
  • A rescuer capabable to help you and assure the transfer to a healthcare unit if medical circumstances required
  • The assistance 4wd vehicle is equipped in a way to be able to get any vehicle out of a difficult situation. It is equipped with GPS, radio,  cell and satelite phone, in order to communicate with exteriour under all circumstances in case of isolation



Any vehicle in good condition can participate at this off road tour but it still requires a minimum of preparation, such as:


  • Tyres AT type
  • An extra fuel tank (or container), certain zones we're going to explore require considerable autonomy
  • Diesel pre-filter
  • A maintenance of the key points of your vehicle


In the booklet you'll be given we provide you the check-lists of obligatory or recommended equipment to facilitate your preparation

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