Marocco Deserts and Mountains


from 27 December 2017 to 5 January 2018


OPTION: 4wd RENTAL from France is possible




A 10 day off road tour in Marocco limited to 6 vehicles to discover the tracks and the beauty

of the east and the southeast of this country.


This tour take place in the Rekkam, the Souss-Massa-Draa, the Guellmim-Es Smara, the Mekness Tafilalet

and in the sand dunes of Merzouga and Chegaga.

We will hit the saharian tracks and drive some of the famous "Paris Dakar rallye raid".


This off road tour is an oportunity to discover some interesting landscapes of the amazing Marocco - the gate of Africa,

a perfect country for a first off road experience so as for all experienced off roaders.


- Marocco offers a particulary pleasant climate, friendly people and it is a secured country to travel to
- Our tour will take place on selected tracks that we have chosen, from the thousands that are, to give

you the oportunity to discover an authentic Marocco with pristine and wild landscapes



Our meeting point for this off road tour will be Nador.

All the detail of this tour will be communicated to you following your registration.


During this off road tour you will: :


- Discover the regions of Oriental, of Mekness Tafilalet, of Sous-Massa-Daraa and of Guelmim-Es-Semara

- Cross the plateau of Rekkam

- Cross the dunes of Merzouga and of Chegaga Erg

- Drive off beaten tracks

- You will enjoy driving through the desertique zone in one of the most friendly country of Africa


We're proposing you:


- Discover an authentic Marocco with uncommon tracks and singular landscapes

- Benefit of a well prepared off road tour combining drivable tracks, those taken with a lower pace, mountains

and dunes crossings, avoiding the road connexions

 -An off road tour with an appropriate pace of progress, so every participant could discover the regions

crossed and simply enjoy the off road driving




The off road tour in Marocco takes place with 5 vehicles enrolled (2 persons each)

  • The group is limited to 6 vehicles "participants"
  • This off road tour is made within a group
  • The off road tour consists mostly of bivouacs but other type of accomodation are proposed (not included, to be paid on site)
  • The duration of the journey does not include de connexion stages to/from the begginning of the off road tour
  • Tailored support by your guide to prepare this off road tour
  • Organisation provides the navigation material to perform this off road tour




All along the journey you will be accompanied and under assistance :

  • By your guide Camil and his off road vehicle
  • A rescuer capabable to help you and assure the transfer to a healthcare unit if medical circumstances required

The assistance 4wd vehicle is equipped in a way to be able to get any vehicle out of a difficult situation and to communicate with exteriour under all circumstances in case of isolation.




A good 4wd vehicle in good state can participate to this off road tour. A minimal preparation is necessary, for example :

  • AT tires
  • A  light fuel filter system recommended
  • A maintenance of the essential parts of the vehicle

Every participant will receive a booklet with different  check-lists to determine the mandatory and recommended material.






from 27 December 2017 to 5 January 2018


ATTENTION : 10 days of the off road tour in Marocco

connexion stages and ferry are not included in the duration of the tour


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 2 months before departure





890 euros per vehicle

180 euros for an additionnal person


Accomodation expenses

to be paid on site






The global cost of such a journey should be anticipated.

Here you have a part of fixed expenses, these are indicative prices that may vary, but are a bare minimum.


1. Fuel

+/- 0.90 per litre, count the off road  consumption 1.5 higher than usual



2. Insurance and repatriation expenses

You will be obliged to fulfil specific requirements to assure your 4wd.



3. Medical preparation

We recommend you a medical consultation to leave in a good physical form.


4. Food and access costs

Expect a certain budget for all the duration of the tour.


5. Sea crossing

Count +/- 500 euros from Barcelone or +/-650 euros from Sete



A global budget for 2 persons +/- :

2000 euros

for this tour including organisation costs





A must-have list of documents needed to realize this off road tour :


- 1 valid passeport (valid 6 months after your return date)

- Valid international driving license

- All the visas needed according your nationality for the countries crossed

(Camil Adventure proposes you to take care of the administrative procedure)

- Car insurance covering the countries crossed and the off roaf driving practice (we have partners)

- Medical insurance and repatriation services


Other formalities will be submitted within a booklet of the participant...



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