Iceland: Ice and Fire Off Road Tour








Iceland is a must-see for every off road adventurer.

Some would say it's another planet, as the island displays absolutely fantastic landscapes,

we offer you an oportunity to discover the wild side of this part of the world in a breathtaking journey.


Thanks to its complete knowledge of the place, the organization will accompany you as well on the touristic sites

as on its secret spots. All along this trip we will make you discover the richness of the icelandic landscapes, its remarkable wildlife and flora, and its amazing culture inherited from the Vikings. The icelandic country will

impress you and you will enjoy this incredible 4wd tour.





Your guide proposes you a unique off road tour where the discovery of remote wild places stays a high priority, not forgetting the inevitable steps.


A particular difficulty for an organizer for this destination is to be able to offer you a tour avoiding all the unpleasant connexion stages.


Iceland offers us a multitude of tracks and extraordinary sites, with a guide's help you will enjoy the discovery of this remarkable land.




  •  A journey combining discoveries, off road challenges, natural and touristic appeals, all of it to share with road-lovers in a very friendly atmosphere
  • Famous tracks as classic Sprengisandur and others less known by a wide public
  • On the course we will admire gigantic waterfalls, the rhyolite formations of the Landmannalaugar and the Kerlingarfjoll, the aligned craters of the Laki, the isolated land of the Oarefi, and the Vatnajokull wich is the biggest european glacier, the glacial lake of the Jokullsarlon and the beaches of the Vik country with its crashed C47 airplane, Reykjavik and its monuments, Myvatn with its geothermic sites and its wildlife sanctuary.
  • Camil Adventure will bring you to the country's  inevitable "secret spots"




The off road tour in Iceland takes place with 6 vehicles enrolled (2 persons each)

  • The group is limited to 8 vehicles "participants"
  • The off road tour consists mostly of bivouacs but other type of accomodation is proposed (not included, to be paid on site)
  • On site you'll travel with a GPS and booklet provided by Camil Adventure for the duration of the off road tour
  • Tailored support by your guide to prepare this off road tour




All along the journey you will be accompanied and under assistance :


  • By your guide Camil and his 4wd vehicle
  • A rescuer capabable to help you and assure the transfer to a healthcare unit if medical circumstances required

The assistance 4wd vehicle is equipped in a way to be able to get any vehicle out of a difficult situation and to communicate with exteriour under all circumstances in case of isolation.





Any 4wd vehicle in good state can participate to this off road tour. A minimal preparation is necessary, for example :

  • AT tires
  • A general check-uo of the vehicle
  • You must have the material for bivoaucs, so you could eat and maintain good physical condition
  • Attention, despite the exsisting "summer season" in Iceland, the temperatures do not get higher than 18°C, it may rain every 3 days and the cold will be there

Every participant will receive a booklet with different  check-lists to determine the mandatory and recommended material.






ATTENTION : Add 4 days for the connexion stages there and 4 days back

from/to FranceA

(to add to the duration of the tour)

 to 14 days of the off road tour in Iceland






1450 euros per person

Price on the basis of a 4wd vehicle with 2 participants

The total cost of 2900 euros per crew


480 euros for accomodation expenses

to be paid on site


Supplement for under 18 : 400 euros

Other cases : contact us


The total of : 3380 euros for 14 days of the tour






The global cost of such a journey should be anticipated.

Here you have a part of fixed expenses, these are indicative prices that may vary, but are a bare minimum.


1. Fuel

Connexion stages = +/- 560 euros (or 34 x your consumption in euros per 100 km = an estimation in euros).
Off road tour = +/- 550 euros (or 25 x your consumption in euros per 100 km = an estimation in euros).


2. Insurance and repatriation expenses

In order to get visas and passes, you will be obliged to fulfil specific requirements of the countries we will cross.

We will guide you in this procedure and propose you suitable and advantageous solutions.



3. Food and access costs

Expect a minimum budget of 600 euros.


4. Ferry

Starting with 1760 euros per vehicle and 2 persons

(the price varies depending on options and the type of the vehicle)



A global budget for 2 persons :

6850 euros

for this tour including organisation costs





A must-have list of documents needed to realize this off road tour :


- 1 identity card (for EU citizens) or 1 valid passeport (valid 6 months after your return date)

- Valid international driving license

- Car insurance covering the countries crossed and the off roaf driving practice (we have partners)

- Medical insurance and repatriation services


Other formalities will be submitted within a booklet of the participant...






" Après un voyage découverte 4x4 en Islande avec Camil, que je vous recommande vivement pour ses choix de sites et de visite, pour l'intérêt qu’il porte au pays, pour son respect de la nature et sa bonne humeur, nous sommes revenus enchantés de ce raid lunaire, calme et désertique."


"Nous avions choisi la période de juillet, choix judicieux, pas trop d’eau et surtout pas trop de touristes. Encore "chapeau’’ à notre organisateur qui nous a fait rêver pendant 15 jours.’’  

Colette & Michel



« Nous avons effectué un raid hors des sentiers battus , chaque journée nous a réservé la découverte de sites et de paysages époustouflants.

Un grand merci à Camil pour sa gentillesse et la préparation très sérieuse  du raid qui nous a permis de profiter pleinement du circuit »

Amélie et Jean Paul Chenard

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