Iceland: Ice and Fire Off Road Tour

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Iceland is a must-see for every off road adventurer.

Some would say it's another planet, as the island displays absolutely fantastic landscapes,

we offer you an oportunity to discover the wild side of this part of the world in a breathtaking journey.


Camil Adventure's forever priority is the exploration of the most remote and wild areas of every destination,

and this off road tour in Iceland isn't an exception. Thanks to complete knowledge of the place, the organization

will make you live a strong emotional experience, where you will discover extraordinary and absolutely

irrealistic places and some delightful secrets spots.


A particular difficulty for an organizer for this destination is to be able to offer you a tour avoiding all the unpleasant connexion stages, so we avoid as much as possible the asphalt roads, as well as wide tracks way too packed.

We will make you discover the wild side of Iceland taking unearthed almost abandoned paths or used only

by a few shepherds or great adventurers. A full-imersion journey to discover the geological wealth of Iceland.


This country will dazzle you by its remarkable beauty, you can be sure that your memory box will be filled

at the end of the journey. This 4wd tour is for the off road passionates, with its eventual challenges, as well as

a tour for the nature and big space lovers within a friendly atmosphere.



During this off road tour in Iceland you will discover :



A desert is a space with no local residents, in Iceland you will discover:

  • The Crimes desert
  • The biggest lava field in the world (6000km²)
  • Moss fields of an impressive thickness, as far as an eye can see
  • Beautiful stretches of black sand
  • Sprengisandur, a fearsome desert, which name means "so the horses cross it quickly" because of its inhospitality


So many volcanoes here, within 200 craters, 130 volcanoes are active and considered to be of the most fearsome in the world.

  • Askja a volcano like the one being fruit of our imagination

  • You will perceive the Eyjafjöll, the volcano erupted back in 2010

You will discover a specific geology:

  • Dozens of fumaroles
  • Uncommon volcanic spots
  • Discover the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, jump from one continent to another


The land of water and fire, you will  discover :

  • Dozens of cascades with Detifoss, the most powerfull in Europe with 200m3/sec
  • Impressive experience of wading across the rivers, cautiously
  • You will see the Vatnajökull, the biggest glacier of Iceland of  8100km²
  • Discover the power of glacier's rivers that made their job of an artist sculpting entire valleys and mountains

Dates / Pricing

New date coming


14 days in iceland


Registration closed



  • 1450 euros per person

This price is given on the basis of one 4wd vehicle with 2 participants, that makes 2900 euros per team.


Accomodation expenses

to be paid on the spot.



The cost of such a trip should be anticipated, here you have a part of fixed costs. Prices are indicative


  • Diesel

Connexion stages = +/- 560 euros
Off road tour = +/- 550 euros

  • Insurance and repatriation expenses

You must have a vehicle insurance valid for this country and covering the off road practice

  • Food

Plan a minimum budget of 600 euros, in Iceland prices differ from ours.

  • The ferry

Starting from 1760 euros for 1 vehicle and 2 persons (the price may vary according to the options takes and vehicle type)


It will be necessary for you to have certain documents:


  • 1 valid passeport  (valid 6 months after your return date)
  • Valid international driving license is recommended
  • Medical and repatriation insurances (often included within your banking insurance, check it with your banking adviser)
  • Vehicle insurance covering all crossed countries and off road practice (we have partners)

You will find many other formalities within the travelling booklet you'll be given...


Technical Informations


  • Departure for this land of ice and fire is guaranteed for 6 vehicles enrolled on the basis of 2 participants per vehicle
  • A small group of 8 vehicles maximum
  • This icelandic off road expedition is done mostly in bivouacs but other types of accomodation are proposed
  • Tailored support by your guide to prepare this off road tour
  • Wading across the rivers, taking some techinical tracks, a few montanious tracks to reach our spots for bivouacs lost in the middle of the nature but that are still accessible



All along this off road tour you will be accompanied and under assistance:


  • Of your guide Camil and his 4wd vehicle
  • Of a mecanic: reparation and maintenance of your vehicle
  • A rescuer capabable to help you and assure the transfer to a healthcare unit if medical circumstances required
  • The assistance 4wd vehicle is equipped in a way to be able to get any vehicle out of a difficult situation. It is equipped with GPS, radio,  cell and satelite phone, in order to communicate with exteriour under all circumstances in case of isolation



Any 4wd in good condition can participate at this off road tour but it still requires a minimum of preparation, such as:


  • Tyres AT type

  • Plan to take the necessary material for your bivouacs, to feed yourself and to keep yourself in a good physical condition
  • A maintenance of the key points of your vehicle

They say that a "summer season" existst in Iceland,but the temperatures don't get higher than 18°C and it will be probably raining once every 3 days, it will be cold.


In the booklet you'll be given we provide you the check-lists of obligatory or recommended equipment to facilitate your preparation

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