from 20 October to 03 November 2018


Registration deadline : 4 months before the departure





Ethiopia, a country that always attracted attention, a country that won't leave you indifferent.

Veritable natural and cultural treasures in the heart of a country with history as old as the human race.

Discover Lucy's (Dynqnesh) historic cradle...


Camil Adventure intends to make you discover a part of its geological heritage which sculpted

the multiple faces of this country by the beauty of its deserts, volcanoes, forests and valleys.


Human history sculpted another face of this country with as many treasures as legends existed, that made

not only the country's wealth, but the one of the entire world. Historical birthplace of Lucy (her remains are

considered to be the oldest known hominid) and legends of queen of Saba is ready to welcome you. 


Are you ready to leave for the adventure ?




The itinerery of this 4wd off road tour is made to make you discover :



  • Amhara Region: Blue Nile sources with its majestic landscapes and monastique churches
  • Simien Mountains: Natural parc that figures on UNESCO world's heritage list


  • Danakil Depression: It's pretty uncommon to travel below the sea level, especially in one of the hottest spots of the planet. Here we can approach volcanoes and find sceneries looking like from another world.

Dates / Pricing


Departure 2018: from 20 October to 03 November


REGISTRATION DEADLINE : 4 months before departure



  • 2400 euros per person

This price is given on the basis of one 4wd vehicle with 2 participants


  • Global price : 4800 euros per crew


Supplément for the under -18 :

400 euros


Other cases : contact us




The cost of such a trip should be anticipated, here you have a part of fixed costs. Prices are indicative.


  • A global budget for 2 persons will be available in April 2018

for the whole trip including guide's services provided.



It will be necessary for you to have certain documents:


  • 1 valid passeport en cours de validité (valid 6 months after your return date)
  • Valid international driving license
  • Visa
  • Medical and repatriation insurances

You will find many other formalities within the travelling booklet you'll be given...


Technical information


The off road tour in Ethiopia can be done with your own vehicle or with a rental one (contact us for more informations concerning transportation conditions)

  • Departure is guaranteed for 6 vehicles 4wd enrolles on the basis of 2 participants per vehicle
  • A small group of 8 vehicles maximum
  • The most part of this off road tour is done within a group, but you'll have the possibility to progress by yourself or by two vehicles together, if you can hold a satelite connexion


This expedition includes bivouacs and stops at the lodges.




All along the off road tour you will be accompanied and under assistance:

  • Of your guide Camil and his 4wd vehicle


  • A puctual assistance of a crew responsable for bivouacs: local knowledge and communication with natives, in different languages


  • A rescuer capabable to help you and assure the transfer to a healthcare unit if medical circumstances required




Every person in a good physical condition can take part at this off road tour, but a minimum of preparation is still recommended, starting with: 


  • A general check over your health condition with your doctor (high temperatures and high ground progressions in Ethiopia)




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