Australia, the Ozi expedition


Adventure out off the beaten tracks


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Become an explorator of this island continent...

For a total change of scenery in the heart of endless land, this off road expedition will make you dicover the oustanding Australian Outback. An off road tour in one of the wildest places in the world.


There are two ways to discover Australia. It is a modern country with a great touristic offer and facilities but you can also explore the wild countryside, the "Bush" and the "Outback". Those places where you should not go alone, the remote places where you will find the secret gardens of this Eden for off road adventures. Wilderness, pristine landscapes, sometimes with the harsh side of nature to discover with humility.

An invitation for adventure

You will discover


An itinary with numerous extraodinary sceneries



The Kimberley is only accessible a part of the year due to the rain season and mostly only with a 4wd. This off road tour at the heart of one of the wildest places of Australia is an unaccustomed experience where you will discover :

  • The famous Gibb river road, a long red strip in the middle of the Kimberley
  • The Bungle bungles, unusual rock formation to discover at the end of a sand track
  • The islolate and gigantic land slopes of the Kimberley with pristine wilderness along the tracks
  • As an option you can visit the horizontal waterfalls of Talbot bay



With your two feet in the wonders of the Northern Territorry natural heritage to discover :

  • The incredible nature park of Kakadu and the land of Jeffrey Lee
  • The lands of Arnhem, where you will not go without being invited, this is Aboriginal land where some of inhabitants want to live as their forebears
  • Unique wildlife that evolved alone without any contact or mixing with other species during millenia

  • Discover this endless land, the amazing wildlife and the incredible aboriginal culture

Dates / Pricing


New date coming


22 days of the off-road tour in the Australian Outback


CDEADLINE REGISTRATION: 4 months before departure




  • 2400 euros per person


This price is given on the basis of one 4wd vehicle with 2 participants, that makes 4800 euros per crew


  • 120€/per day for renting a 4wd vehicle, that makes a total of 2640€ to pay to our local partner. Several choices and prices available.
  • Buy/sell vehicle option available


The total of: 7440 euros per2 persons for 22 days of the tour


Supplément for under -18 :

700 euros


Other cases:  contact us



The cost of such a trip should be anticipated, here you have a part of fixed costs. Prices are indicative.



  • 800 euros for diesel expenses for all the tour


  • 1400 euros on an average for your flight in/out


  • Insurance and repatriation expenses



We will guide you through these obligations and will propose you suitable and advantageous solutions.



  • Accomodation expenses

A budget of 70 euros per night (from 6 to 10 nights following the meteo conditions)


It will be necessary for you to have certain documents:


  • 1 valid passeport  (valid 6 months after your return date)


  • Valid international driving license



  • Medical and repatriation insurances (often included within your banking insurance, check it with your banking adviser)



You will find many other formalities within the travelling booklet you'll be given...


Technical Informations


  • Departure is guaranteed for 6 vehicles 4wd enrolled on the basis of 2 participants per vehicle
  • A small group of 7 vehicles "participants" maximum
  • This off road tour is done within a group
  • This off road expedition is done in bivouacs and hotels (to be paid on site)
  • The duration of the journey does not include de connexion stages to/from the begginning of the off road tour (flight in/out)
  • Tailored support by your guide to prepare this off road tour
  • Organization provides the necessary material to perform this off road tour



All along this off road tour you will be accompanied and under assistance:


  • Of your guide Camil and his 4wd vehicle
  • Of a mecanic: reparation and maintenance of your vehicle
  • A rescuer capabable to help you and assure the transfer to a healthcare unit if medical circumstances required
  • The assistance 4wd vehicle is equipped in a way to be able to get any vehicle out of a difficult situation. It is equipped with GPS, radio,  cell and satelite phone, in order to communicate with exteriour under all circumstances in case of isolation



Rental vehicles are Toyota Land Cruiser or pick-up Toyota, Ford Isuzu.



All vehicles are fully prepared for this tour (tyres, straps, waffle boards...) and include complete furnishments for sleeping.


You have to acquire the necessary material for your personal comfort during this off road tour. A check list with material advised will be given to you after your registration or upon your demand.


You will be given a booklet with check lists that will allow you to verify all the obligatory or or strongly advised material necessary for this expedition.

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