Australia : Cape York and Fraser Island


October/November 2019




Australia, a single country that will delight the explorer that is in you. This off road tour will make you discover

two mythic zones : Fraser Island and Cape York (among other numerous discoveries)


You just can't miss the Fraser Island, it's the opportunity for you to hit the largest sand island in the world.

Breathtaking nature and an unforgettable experience. 


Cape York and the Telgraph track... Surely not one of the easiest tracks but undoubtedly one of the most

mythic of Australia; reaching Cape York, the North Cape of this huge island-continent

by the "Telegraph track" is certainly a tour worth taking.


Camil Adventure proposes you this tour with high end rental vehicles that will allow you to meet the challenge.



Australia is an unescapable country for a 4wd off road tour.


For this destination an atypical program will make you discover Australia's wild side that is hardly known by the wide public of nowadays.


You will discover:


  • Fraser Island : A incredible island to make your first wheel prints in Australia
  • The East Cost: you will face the "Great Barrier Reef", the world's largest structur created by living organisms
  • National parcs : To the great delight of nature lovers you will walk through the rainforests resembling natural cathedrals of Gondwana times (-125 millions of years), a truly incredible sight if takes place
  • The Telegraph Track : A legendary track on all aspects, worthy of taking and many are those who underestimated it. Depending on the weather it may become a challenge once it gets wet, beware for those who are not prepared - an unforgettable experience.



The off road tour in Australia takes place with 6 vehicles enrolled (2 persons each).

  • The group is limited to 6 vehicles "participants"
  • This off road tour is made within a group, there's an option to evolve by your own in certain zones, provided that liasion can be maintained
  • The off road tour consists mostly of bivouacs but other type of accomodation is proposed (not included, to be paid on site)
  • The duration of the journey does not include de connexion stages to/from the begginning of the off road tour (flight and transfer to Brisbane)
  • Organisation provides navigation material to perform this off road tour




All along the journey you will be accompanied and under assistance :


  • By your guide Camil and his vehicle
  • A rescuer capabable to help you and assure the transfer to a healthcare unit if medical circumstances required


The assistance 4wd vehicle is equipped in a way to be able to get any vehicle out of a difficult situation and to communicate with exteriour under all circumstances in case of isolation




A rental 4wd vehicles proposed by our partners:

  • Recent high end vehicles
  • Entirely equipped for the off road tours and bivouacs
  • All insurances and guarantees available





October / November 2019


ATTENTION : Add the connexion stages to there and back

from/to France

to 18 days of the off road tour in Australia







2700 euros per person

Price on the basis of a 4wd vehicle with 2 participants

The total cost of 5400 euros per crew


260 euros for the administratifs costs per crew


A global budget for 2 participants for the whole travel

including vehicle rental, transfer and organisation costs

will be available early 2018





A must-have list of documents needed to realize this off road tour :


- 1 valid passeport (valid 6 months after your return date)

- Valid international driving license

- Medical insurance and repatriation services


Other formalities will be submitted within a booklet of the participant...



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