Camil Adventure 4wd travels and expeditions offers :


Hit the tracks in the footsteps of Marco Polo to this legendary destination.


23.07 au 21.08.2017


02 au 30 Juillet 2018



Become "an explorer" of the wilderness of the Altai moutains and the Gobi Desert.


07.09 au 10.10.2017


18.08 au 14.09.2018


Ice and fire under your feet on this track in the territory of the Vikings.


2017 Fully booked


A true authentic and wild Marocco off road expedition out of the beaten tracks.



18.12 au 30.12.2017


A unique country where you will live the true adventure that will makes you an explorer.


Dates to come


Discover a part of the history of the world and the mankind during this incredible journey.


10.02 au 24.02.2018



Come and discover the vertigo of the Pamir, you get a bit closer to the roof of this world.


Summer 2018



"My goal is to offer to any adventurer, let you be beginner or adept, the option to share the passion of travelling and driving off road toward unique travels to unique destinations", Camil is :

  • A guide and 4wd adventure organiser for you and your off road vehicle
  • Travels and expeditions are organised within small groups of 6 up to 8 vehicles
  • The journeys are based on discovering and living adventure




First and foremost Camil Adventure wants to offer a premium service trough the sharing of a common passion. The goal of Camil is to make you live a unique and an unforgetable experience, to this end he provide :

  • Elaborate and well prepared discovery journeys
  • Adventures and exploration off road tours, to bring you where the others don't go
  • Journeys out off the beaten tracks to live unique experiences, discover pristine wilderness and meet new cultures
  • With Camil Adventure your 4wd is the way to go but not an end in itself




 A skilled and an experienced guide who proposes well prepared off road tours and travels.

  • A trained guide with strong background
  • Many expéditions to the farthest corners of the world
  • A trained mechanic
  • Graduate with first aid and rescue certificates
  • A long expérience with the will to make live unique ans breathtaking adventures to his customers



Quality requires a lot of will and the necessity to spend time and expertise together. To provide premium service in his off road adventures and travels, CamilAdventure essential standards are :

  • All travels are entirely planned and supervised by your guide. A fondamental difference, there can be collaborations with local partners to tailor some expeditions but Camil don't sell outside service
  • All expeditions are the results from long research, recognition travels and careful planning, your guide does not rest on its laurels and makes every single travel unique
  • Great times of adventure and discovery, uncommun bivouacs with breathtaking landscaps, explore the unknown and places  difficult to reach alone
  • A real desire of your guide to share his passion and make you live a unique discovery experience, to achieve that goal your guide decided to limit the numbers of participants
  • Finaly, Camil adventure tours do not consist in guiding you on the tracks that you could easily pepare and realise by yourself. Moreover, I’m not selling you the bonding steps inbetween the tracks – the duration of our tours is the time fully spent on site.




This days we can say that there are mainly 3 types of off road tours : sports tours, tourism tours and the adventure tours.


  • Touristic 4wd tours : The most common, proposed usually by travel agencies in collaboration with local partners. This tours are mainly touristic journeys despiteits their "adventure" banner. It is the most accessible, the most comfortable and the most ‘securepsychologically’ available off road tour.
  • Sport off road tours : For the informed public... sometimes more accesible but mainly reserved for professionnals ( like the famous rallye-raid "Dakar").
  • The adventures off road tours : This travels and journeys are mainly proposed and prepared by guides with the goal to make you live a unique experience and make you discover new horizons during a miticulous prepared tour. At the expense of a comfortable hotel room you can get this unique experience of approaching the most authentic, the wildest and the farthest areas. It’s the occassion for you to go where you cannot go alone and where others do not dare going, to live the joy of a camp fire in a unique, an uncommon landscape of an unimaginable beauty, a places which you still ignore the existance




This type of journeys represent some real risks, that is wy we provide careful preparation and assistance, before and during the tour, it is an essential condition in order to make you enjoy fully this expereince.

  • The travel guarentee "leave or refund" is a part of General Conditions of CamilAdventure
  • Camil will guide you to ensure yourself against all eventual risks, what is usually not the case with the basic travelling agency's guarantee
  • Along the tours you will have medical assistance and you will be assisted to prepare yourself physically to make it an enjoyable journey. The conditions during some adventure tours may differ from those tourism tours, being a bit more intense, your preparation will allow you to leave in good physical condition to fully enjoy the adventure
  • Your guide has a real knowledge of survival in extreme conditions, if everit’s the case




No broadsweep. My intention is to offer you a high quality service, for this reason unique destinations research has become my speciality.

I prepare and realise my tracks by myself, there for my role isn’t the one of a distributor only but of a creator as well.

  • Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgystan, visit the fabulous Samarcande and hit the road in the footstepsof of Marco Polo on the Silk Road)
  • Mongolia (Altai mountains, both russian and mogolian sides, Gobi Desert, the steppes of Mongolia and the Baikal Lake)
  • Iceland (with a very atypical and optimised path)
  • Ethiopia (new destination 2018)
  • Australia (truly uncommon track)


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